Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Word About Rainbows

My grandmother Byrdie Highley worked at a newspaper office.  One of her projects at the newspaper was to fill a weekly column called "Poetry Corner."  It seems that she might have had trouble getting weekly submissions, so eventually she ended up writing the weekly poem herself, at which time it became known as "Byrdie's Corner."

She wrote hundreds of poems over the years.  I recently rediscovered this one as I was putting together remarks for a coop meeting with the theme, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Grandma Byrdie had something to say about rainbows.  You can read her poem below:

City of Gold
At the end of the rainbow
there's a city of gold,
not an earthly treasure
as has often been told.
It's a place where we'll meet
when our life's work is done,
it's beauty so brilliant,
there's no need for the sun.
The days never end,
there is no darkness there,
no tears and no sorrows,
no burdens to bear.
At the end of the rainbow,
God will say, "All is well."
In the home He's prepared,
forever we'll dwell.
--Byrdie Highley

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